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Alpha DESIGN® Liners

Welcome to DESIGNLINER.COM.AU, an online resource for amputees, created by Massons Healthcare, in collaboration with WillowWood.


DESIGN Liners are prosthetic products for amputees with less than optimally-shaped residual limbs, and for amputees who require the most intimate fit and comfort between their skin and prosthetic liner.


Alpha DESIGN® Liners are a custom-made and custom-shaped option available through prosthetics (artificial limbs) providers and Massons Healthcare, in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.


Available in various interface, fabric and profile options, these liners are suitable for both lower and upper extremity amputees.


Massons Healthcare, based in Melbourne, Australia, is the exclusive distributor of WillowWood Alpha products and services in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Working closely with WillowWood, who are USA based, Massons supplies their products and provides education in various formats, ensuring practitioners and prosthetic users are informed, confident and knowledgable with WillowWood products, including Alpha DESIGN® Liner use.


If you are an amputee interested in Alpha DESIGN® Liners, we encourage you to speak directly with your prosthetics provider to discuss Alpha DESIGN® Liner suitability and options for you.


Feel free to browse the different areas of our website to learn more about Alpha DESIGN® Liners.


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